Why Being Unfriended and Blocked on Facebook Was for the Best

Facebook Block

She likes me. She likes me not.

These are the words one can say to themselves when they’ve found out a long-time friend has decided to cut the digital cord on Facebook.

As a social media enthusiast and digital cheerleader, embracing technology and reconnecting with friends from nursery school through long lost loves on Facebook and social media has been the best digital gift I could ever ask for.

While I encourage singles who are experiencing a recent breakup to do their digital housekeeping (i.e.: unfriend your ex, untag photos and yes, block him or her), so they can move onto a healthy relationship without obsessing about their ex, there’s another type of unfriending that’s been going on and it can really hurt — Getting dumped by a platonic friend when you don’t see it coming.

I’ve had the experience of being unfriended twice by whom I thought were close friends on Facebook. The first time this happened to me years ago, I was heartbroken. I called my friend of 20 years and begged for forgiveness on a silly misunderstanding about where we were sitting at a garden party. It was hot out and I didn’t think it mattered where we sat. Frankly her behavior was uncalled for and I felt she was acting like an immature brat. Still, it hurt.

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