Why Being Unfriended and Blocked on Facebook Was for the Best

Facebook Block

She likes me. She likes me not. These are the words one can say to themselves when they’ve found out a long-time friend has decided to cut the digital cord on Facebook. As a social media enthusiast and digital cheerleader, embracing technology and reconnecting with friends from nursery school through long lost loves on Facebook and…

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Living in a ‘Selfies’ World: Can it hurt your relationship?

With the popularity of better SmartPhones, the prevalence of ‘Selfies’ has permeated the Internet and is often a top trending topic on Instagram and Twitter. Just take a look at your Facebook page. Between puckered lipped photos, to bikini shots and goofy photos with celebrities or food, we’re now living in a selfies world. But…

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Rules of Netiquette – Home & Family (Part 2)

Julie Spira - Home and Family

On Home & Family, Julie Spira, author of The Rules of Netiquette: How to Mind Your Digital Manners talks about texting etiquette with hosts Cristina Ferrare and Mark Steines. For more netiquette tips, follow @JulieSpira and @netiquetterules on Twitter. Related posts: Watch Julie Spira on The Home & Family Show on Netiquette The Rules of…

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Posting on Social Media During Flu Season…#WTFlu?!?

Social media and flu

I’m excited to share that I’m working with Clorox as a paid spokesperson for their #WTFlu program this flu season. We all know that logging onto social media sites has become a part of our daily routine – as much of a ritual as brushing our teeth every morning. Social media has given us a…

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Turns Out You’re Not Too Tired to Stay Connected When Sick #WTFlu

What the Flu

The flu has been rampant this year – if you weren’t sick yourself, it is likely that a child, friend or colleague of yours came down with the nasty virus. And it’s also likely you heard about the flu on social media – from posts about people who failed to cover their cough or sneeze…

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Social Media Anxiety Disorder: Can You Unplug?

SMAD Unplugging

On Huffington Post’s Healthy Living @HealthyLiving and GPS for the Soul @GPSforSoul, we participated in a live twitter chat with tips on how to unplug and how to know if you are suffering  from SMAD. What is SMAD? It’s a non-medical syndrome that I wrote about in an article earlier this year called, Are You…

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Love and Grammar [infographic]

As part of our Rules of Netiquette, we always say that you should double-check your spelling and grammar, but you shouldn’t correct someone’s spelling or grammar, unless they’ve asked for a critique. How does this affect matters of the heart? A recent survey of 1700 single online daters showed that 43% said that bad grammar…

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Watch Julie Spira on The Home & Family Show on Netiquette

Home & Family

It was an honor and treat to be a guest on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show with hosts Cristina Ferrare and Mark Steines. As a netiquette expert, I shared some of my netiquette tips for cell phones and emails from my upcoming book,The Rules of Netiquette: How to Mind Your Digital Manners.” For more…

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Facebook Netiquette — To Post, or Not to Post Photos

The social media world is all-a-buzz this week as Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randi became publicly upset on Twitter when her alleged “privately” posted family holiday photo appeared “publicly” on Twitter. When I received a phone call from Garrett Sloane at the New York Post to talk about Facebook netiquette, asking me why there was confusion…

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National Punctuation Day – How Are Your Netiquette Rules?

Every year on September 24th, it’s National Punctuation Day. This year, The New Yorker magazine is holding a Twitter contest and NationalPunctuationDay.com is asking you to determine which punctuation mark should become the mark of the President of the United States. Do you know where to place your commas, apostrophes and quotation marks? Should you…

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