The Rules of Netiquette Book


These aren’t your grandmother’s rules anymore.


The Rules of Netiquette: How to Mind Your Manners on the Web is a new book written by bestselling author, Julie Spira.  It’s like “Miss Manners Meets the World Wide Web.” 

Facebook has close to 1 billion members with an equivalent population of the third largest country in the world behind China and India.  If Facebook had been around in 1993, it’s quite likely that Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw would have been dumped in a status update on Facebook, instead of in a post-it, which has now become passé. Over 90 trillion emails are sent every year, with many regrets from those who have pushed the send button.

On Twitter, the microblogging site with over 225 million registered users, singles are proposing marriage and celebrities are breaking up in 140 Characters or less. Twitter blue went Royal when Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement and wedding plans on Twitter. However, the broke the rules of netiquette by sending their wedding save the date announcements via fax.  Texing and sexting played a part in numerous divorces including Tiger Woods, Eva Longoria, and contributed to the demise of Anthony Weiner’s political career. If we only knew The Rules of Netiquette, our personal lives would be happier and our professional lives would flourish.

In The Rules of Netiquette, readers will learn the best Internet etiquette tips for social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Pinterest, blogging and more. From romance to business, desktop to mobile and everything in between, you’ll be fully equipped to maintain your social media reputation, both online and offline. From birth announcements to death notices, acronyms and emails, this book covers the appropriate etiquette on the Internet. People are breaking the Rules of Netiquette on a daily basis, without even knowing there were rules to begin with. So before you start “poking” someone on Facebook, read The Rules of Netiquette so you won’t regret pushing the “send” button and you won’t find yourself saying, “It’s Complicated” anymore. 310-433-7786

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Advance Praise for The Rules of Netiquette

“Move over Miss Manners.  Ms. Julie Spira is here! Get her Rules of Netiquette and learn how to connect and get what you want from the millions of people jumping on the social media bandwagon.”

~Diana Kirschner, Ph.D., author of Sealing the Deal: The Love Mentor’s Guide to Lasting Love.

“Julie Spira has done it again. Her Rules of Netiquette brings readers exactly what they need to know before they push the send button on their social networking sites.”

~Tamsen Fadal, Anchor, WPIX – NY Morning News and author of Why Hasn’t He Called?

The Rules of Netiquette is the modern day guide to personal Internet communication. Today the written word not just carries a message, but reflects on the manners of the writer. Author Julie Spira guides the reader on how to get their point across politely.”

~Marsha Collier, Author of The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide, eBay For Dummies series and host, Computers & Technology Radio Show

Julie Spira extends the Social Media Club’s mission of establishing best practices for online behavior. The Rules of Netiquette: How to Mind Your Manners on the Web provides a blueprint for keeping it “light, bright, and polite” just the way we like it.

~Geoff Brown, Former President, Social Media Club of Los Angeles

“Make no mistake. Manners mean as much on the Internet as anywhere else in life. In The Rules of Netiquette, Julie Spira spells out the rules every social networker needs to know.”

~Ellen Olivier, Society columnist

“Real-time communication has made us incredibly callous in the delivering of information and equally as sensitive in the reception of information.”

The Rules of Netiquette is a must read for anyone who’s been caught on either side of a flame war or desperately needs to know what this is.”

~Tom Miller, General Manager, YourTango

“If you’ve gone through a messy breakup exclusively on Facebook, Tweet @ friends while having dinner with them, and still have poking in your e-repertoire, then I urge you to read Julie’s book, The Rules of Netiquette.

~Ky Henderson, Editor-in-Chief,

“A must-read for those wondering why their mailbox is empty.”

~Olivia Baniuszewicz, Co-author, Flirtexting: How to Text Your Way to His Heart.

“Julie Spira’s advice about social media netiquette is spot on. For men and women attempting to navigate the tricky waters of cyber communication, her words of wisdom will ring so true. Social-media savants, take note.”

~Jenna Birch, Columnist for YourTango, Wetpaint and

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