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Texting While Walking Will Cost You A Ticket in Ft. Lee, New Jersey – Netiquette

texting while walking

Concerned about safety while texting? Well you should be. Texting while driving has resulted in fatal car accidents. Everyday, pedestrians put their lives at risk when they text on their mobile phones while walking down the street. About a year ago, a man in New York walked into a bus while he was texting. Today,…

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Has the World Wide Web Become the Wild, Wild West? [video}

Julie Spira - Rules of Netiquette

If you worried about protecting your digital reputation, you really should be. Personally I’ve been impersonated twice on Twitter and trust me imitation wasn’t a form of flattery. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook take impersonation and trademark infringement very seriously. Here are some tips on how you to help you manage your digital and…

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What is Netiquette? [video]

What is netiquette and why do we need it? Netiquette is defined as Internet etiquette and how you behave online and on your social networking sites. Watch our featured video to find out why you need to practice proper netiquette to protect your digital reputation. Click here to watch our video. Julie Spira is a…

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Rules of Netiquette for April Fool’s Day

It’s April Fool’s Day, and although there are websites complete with the latest jokes and pranks, if you’re thinking of creating a digital prank on Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite social network this year, think twice before pushing the send button. From breaking up with your sweetheart in a text message, to changing your status…

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The Girl Scout’s Netiquette Pledge

According to the Wall Street Journal, 50 million girls have worn the Girl Scout uniform in the past 100 years. But today, being a Girl Scout is more than just promising “Scout’s Honor.” Every Girl Scout must sign an Internet Safety Pledge promising they will practice good netiquette. Designed to protect our youth, the pledge…

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The Rules of Netiquette for Mobile Phones and Texting [video]

Rules of Netiquette for Mobile Phones

Is your smartphone really that intelligent? In a recent video on DocStoc, I shared some of the  Rules of Netiquette for mobile phone use and for texting for business communication with examples of those who broke the rules. 1. Don’t send a text message when you’re walking down the street 2. Don’t send a text…

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3 Netiquette Tips Shared on USA WEEKEND

USA Weekend

For many years, I’ve been busy spreading the message for people to follow appropriate rules of netiquette on social networking sites, via email, and on their mobile phones. If you picked up a copy of the recent USA WEEKEND magazine, my advice is featured on page 8 in the issue with Jon Hamm on the…

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The Rules of Netiquette – A New Set of Digital Manners

Watch GenConnect’s Nancy Spears with Netiquette Expert Julie Spira about the Rules of Netiquette. Find out exactly what netiquette is and how to behave properly on your social networks, cell phone, and in emails. Julie Spira is the author of The Rules of Netiquette: How to Mind Your Manners on the Web. For more netiquette…

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MSN Glo – The Dos and Dont’s of Facebook for Couples

Rules of Netiquette for Facebook for Couples

Photo credit: MSN Should you share a Facebook page with your significant other or spouse? Are you friends with your spouse on Facebook? Is it proper digital etiquette to poke, or not to poke on Facebook when your status says, “In a Relationship” or “Married?” Jeremy Greenberg covered these important topics on Glo on MSN…

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5 Rules of Netiquette for Email


Wondering if you’re putting your best digital foot forward? Here are 5 Rules of Netiquette with some dos and don’ts for email correspondence in our latest video. Netiquette Dos and Dont’s 1. Use spell check and check your grammar before pushing the send button. 2. Don’t correct someone’s grammar or spelling unless they’ve asked for…

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Netiquette Rules for the Holidays

Rules of Netiquette for the Holidays

We’re in the middle of the holidays and whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, there are still some basic rules of netiquette to adhere to. So without further digital adieu, let’s brush up on your digital manners with these 4 rules to remember. 1. e-invitations. Whether you’ve received an evite, email, or my…

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What are the Rules of Netiquette? [video]

Rules of Netiquette at BlogWorld

Watch our video interview from BlogWorld, “What is Netiquette?” and learn tips for Internet etiquette. More WebProNews Videos

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Rules of Netiquette for Acronyms and Emoticons [video]

Rules of Netiquette for Acronyms and Emoticons

What are the rules of netiquette for acronyms and emoticons? In this video, you’ll find out that IBM doesn’t stand for the computer giant and HAND isn’t an appendage. For more netiquette rules, like us at and on twitter @netiquetterules Julie Spira is a netiquette expert and author of The Rules of Netiquette: How…

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Rules of Netiquette for Business Networking [video]


Are you wondering how to make a great impression at a business networking event? Here are some netiquette tips to ensure your followup will be remembered in a positive digital light. 1. Combine an online & offline strategy 2. SPAM is a four-letter word 3. Find out how they wish to be contacted 4. Never…

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Why You Need Rules of Netiquette [video]

Author and netiquette expert Julie Spira talks about her book, The Rules of Netiquette: How to Mind Your Manners on the Web. For more netiquette rules, connect with us on Twitter @netiquetterules and at

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Should You Be Friends on Facebook With Your Teenagers?

Facebook Friends with Teens

To friend, or not to friend. Did you know that almost two-thirds of the teens in the U.S. are Facebook friends with their parents? Of the students aged 16 -18 surveyed by Kaplan Test Prep, they found that 38% of the teens said they ignored their friends requests from their parents. As social networking sites…

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