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texting while walking

Concerned about safety while texting? Well you should be. Texting while driving has resulted in fatal car accidents. Everyday, pedestrians put their lives at risk when they text on their mobile phones while walking down the street.

About a year ago, a man in New York walked into a bus while he was texting. Today, the town of Ft. Lee, New Jersey, just across the George Washington Bridge from New York, officially started giving tickets to pedestrians who were staring at their mobile phones instead of watching where they walk.

Originally believed to be for anyone walking down the street, now Police Chief Thomas Ripoli says they’ll be ticketing jaywalkers only now, to the tune of $85.  Is this a start of a new trend? It appears so. The amount of distraction that people have who are attached to their portable devices does put both their lives and the lives of others in jeopardy.

According to ABC News, Ripoli hopes his crackdown will make Ft. Lee a safer place. Already this year, the three fatal pedestrian-involved accidents have been reported. Since April, 117 tickets have been issued to digital offenders.

Driving, walking, hiking, and biking. Do we need to live our lives defensively wondering when the next person will be sending a tweet to their loved ones? In The Rules of Netiquette book, I say “No text is worth dying for.”

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Julie Spira is a cyber-relations and netiquette expert. She’s the author of The Rules of Netiquette: How to Mind Your Digital Manners. For more netiquette tips, follow @netiquettrules on Twitter and like us at Facebook.com/RulesofNetiquette

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